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Kinematics is the world's largest slewing ring manufacturer, delivering custom-engineered solutions to customers in 23 countries. Kinematics qualifies all raw materials, components and final assemblies to meet high standards and have earned ISO 9001, CE, REACH and TUV certifications. Unlike other slewing ring manufacturers, Kinematics Mfg. uses a patented hourglass worm technology and designs and tests their slewing drives to have a 30-year field life.

The multiple advantages of this technology include:

  • Increased engagement, which gives the gearbox impressive strength and power. Standard worms touch only one tooth while Kinematics hourglass worm engages 5-11 teeth on the pitch line of the slewing ring gear.
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy
  • Maximum survivability load-holding

Slewing rings, or turntable bearings, are used for various applications, including construction equipment, waste water treatment machinery, wind-power generation, revolving grabbers and winches, logging industry machines, mining equipment, drilling equipment and steering applications.

The Kinematics team is committed to continuous improvement and the strictest quality control standards. It's these characteristics that enable us to keep prices low and quality high. We look forward to working on all of our customers' growing demands.

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