Slewing Bearings

Kinematics slewing bearings are a cost-effective design and performance enhancement option for rotary devices carrying heavy loads.

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Comprised of an inner ring, outer ring and rolling elements (in the form of balls or cylindrical rollers), the bearings effectively absorb and support axial and radial forces and the resulting tilting moments.

Slewing bearings offer significant design and performance advantages compared to their traditional pivot arrangement counterparts. Thin in section and sometimes made in diameters of a meter or more, slewing bearings resemble oversized aircraft control surface bearings. What sets them apart is a large inner diameter and compact design that simplifies the construction of the bearing and its segmented parts, facilitating more ease of use. While traditional slewing bearings are manufactured to mount on horizontal support structures, innovative designs, such as Kinematics', have produced slewing bearings that can also be used for vertical bearing arrangements.

Designed with an external worm gear arrangement, Kinematics slewing bearing drives facilitate the speed reduction, higher torque and rotational functions of heavy machinery. Applications include solar trackers, wind turbines, truck cranes, man lifts, utility equipment, hydraulic equipment attachments, oil tool equipment, tire handlers, digger derricks and automotive lifts.

Weight: approx. 70kg

Dimensions: 40-750 mm

Axial load: 158,757KN

Tilting moment: 203,400KN-m

Output slew speed: 0.1 rm

Production capacity: 10000 sets per month

KMI Slew Drives
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